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More and more taxpayers are having an involvement with international tax issues. If you are UK resident, then your worldwide income is taxable in the UK although you may be able to offset some or all of any international tax paid.

We can help you to establish if you are liable to any tax in the UK, in addition to – or instead of – foreign taxes.

Some scenarios are simple: dividends from Santander can lead to the need to report using the Foreign Pages on your Income Tax Return.

Others are more complex: but we can deal with almost every double tax issue arising in almost every jurisdiction.

If you are employed in a foreign country; have part of your income taxed in various countries; or, you may need to meet special criteria to claim relief; then we can help you.

There are other dispensations and computational adjustments that can also be taken into account.  Many accountants are unaware of the non-taxable elements of foreign Earnings and how to ensure they are not taxed in the UK by default.

Our systems are geared to delivering a comprehensive tax service to clients irrespective of the pan-national issues arising.

In the past 12 months we have successfully helped over 100 clients with foreign income from the countries listed below in a variety of currencies:

HMRC respect our ability to resolve issues, and we work with them closely even when we fight a client’s corner tooth and nail.

International tax case studies


The information provided is for general information purposes only.

Legislation and details may have changed since this was written.  The text may not include all matters that are relevant to your individual situation.

You should not make decisions, or refrain from making decisions, without taking further professional advice about your specific circumstances.

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