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We are experienced accountants and tax advisors to GP surgeries across the UK.

Over 100 doctors trust us to make their tax returns each and every year.  These range from the simplest returns, to the most complex partnerships with significant external income.

We can help you with tax saving strategies and financial planning.

Doctors need to take early advice on retirals and succession in their practices, and we are there to help you.

The effect of the cap on the annual savings limit for your pension pot can be significant.  If you are affected by this, you need to plan early to avoid excessive tax charges.

Doctors medical accountants and tax

Latest news 25/11/19: NHS chiefs in England and Scotland have agreed separate schemes to pay tax charges incurred by medical staff when their contributions to their pension fund exceed the annual cap imposed by the government. The charges have resulted in clinicians refusing to work overtime, risking a staffing crisis during the busy winter period. The English plan will allow medical staff to take money out of their pension pots in the 2019-2020 tax year to pay the tax bills they receive next year, and the NHS will reimburse their pension funds before their retirement. In Scotland, NHS staff will have the option to have their employer pension contributions paid to them as part of their basic pay instead.

As medical accountants, we help doctors in general practice navigate the tax issues surrounding self employment.  You will know that the tax rules can be very complex.  You need support from accountants who know what they are doing.

We are experienced in using Iris GP Accounts, and can help you make your processes more efficient.

If you are a doctor on PAYE and claiming expenses, then you want help in making everything as simple and pain free as possible.

Experienced medical accountants

Nicolson Accountancy are experienced tax advisors to the medical profession, acting for over 100 doctors and a large number of GP practices.

Speak to us for help you with your accounting and your external reporting, as we fully understand the requirements.  We also work with you to make sure that you are operating efficiently and minimising your overall tax position.

Preparation and submission of your pension certificates is another element of the service we can provide.

If you want to outsource your payroll then we will provide full payroll support for your employees. This means we will undertaking all reporting responsibilities for you.

National insurance savings for doctors

With private practice earnings as well as your NHS salary, you could be paying far too much National Insurance (NICs). There is a cap on the level of National Insurance payable per tax year at the main rate. This is based on annual earnings up to the “Upper Earnings Limit” which is £50,000 in 2019/20.

If your NHS salary exceeds the Upper Earnings Limit you should only be paying the extra 2% NIC on your private practice income.  Not the full 9% due for class 4 plus the flat rate for class 2.

If you have employment earnings in addition to your NHS salary, it is highly likely that you will be due a refund of class 1 NIC.  Our software can automatically identify if you have overpaid NI, and restrict any additional liability from arising via self-assessment.

Contact us if you think you have overpaid NI as refunds can be sought for the previous 4 years.

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You can benefit from a further discussion of what we can do to help doctors.  Speak directly to our expert Angus Nicolson about the services we can offer.


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