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Specialist accounting services

Nicolson Accountancy go way beyond the usual range of services, and can also provide an extended range of services to individuals and businesses that you may not expect.

We also provide foreign tax services in some jurisdictions, through our specialist websites in Norwegian payroll and employment taxes, Dutch payroll taxes, and we can also provide support for payroll taxes in the USA, the Faeroe Islands and Denmark.

Doctors accounts, tax and tax savings

As medical accountants, we help doctors in general practice navigate the tax issues surrounding self employment.  As you know, the tax rules can be very complex, and you need support from accountants who know what they are doing.

If you are a doctor on PAYE and claiming expenses, then you want help in making everything as simple and pain free as possible.

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Contractors like to use Nicolson Accountancy as we can efficiently manage their services. We look at what you as a contractor require, and we find a solution that delivers the maximum retained value for you, whilst complying with all the tax laws of the relevant country.

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International tax

More and more taxpayers are having an involvement with international tax issues. If you are UK resident, then your worldwide income is taxable in the UK although you may be able to offset some or all of any international tax paid.

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CIS reporting

Nicolson Accountancy can advise on whether you are using genuine subcontractors or if they are in reality employees, and we can get you through the maze of legislation to help you understand the CIS rules as they apply to your business.

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Incorporation of a company

We are now company incorporation agents, allowing us to form a company at Companies House in just a few hours, and at a very low-cost. Firstly, you need to decide if incorporation is right for you, and we can help you with that decision, and about which type of company is right for you.

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When things aren’t perhaps going as well as you would like, we can provide you with specialist advice around debt restructuring and negotiation. Our licensed advisors can help you all aspects of the process and will work for you to minimise the impact upon you, your business and your family.

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Keyman Insurance

Research claims almost half of businesses would fail if a key person in the company dies or becomes critically ill. There is no warning sign you can put up for that, but a firm could set up a form of business protection called keyman insurance (also known as keyman cover).

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