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Payroll continuity

Paying your team on time

Payroll continuity is vital in these troubled and unprecedented times. One of the major concerns for business is ensuring the resilience of payments to all their employees.

We totally understand that many businesses and accountancy firms rely on a single individual to process their payroll. Therefore, employers have to hope that staff holidays aren’t at times that disrupt this process.  In addition, that staff illness does not interrupt the work.

There is always the potential for staff to be sick or have to provide care for their own families; often at very short notice. This is where your payroll continuity planning is key to ensuring continuity.

Our sister company, Payroll Scotland, employs a large experienced team of staff who understand payroll processing for companies of 1 – 500+ employees.  We work alongside you to ensure that you meet deadlines  for HMRC and pensions reporting.  Consequently helping you to meet your statutory obligations continually, and your staff continue to be paid.

Payroll continuity

We happily provide short term payroll cover for your business should you find yourself without these skills temporarily.

We can operate most payroll software almost immediately, and as a result our service will be to the same high quality that all our clients receive.

Along with this, we ensure full client confidentiality as part of everything we do.

We are experienced in delivering payroll contingency services to many clients.  Hence we recently rescued a company on the day before Christmas Eve when their payroll provider failed to deliver.  But we were able to get them up and running and paid – accurately and completely – before the staff left the next day.  As a result the staff were none the wiser.

Finally, just contact Sue Nicolson to request a quotation, 7 days per week, or you can call her during working hours on 0141 237 3878.

Our resilience plan

In normal times, our team will work across our three offices.

At the moment, most of our team are working remotely to ensure business continuity for our clients.

Read all about why the Government believe planning for business continuity is vital.

We designed our systems from the ground up to allow remote working. They are secure and comprehensive, and with us storing all our data on multiple remote secure servers.

First of all, our remit is to ensure that your staff will still be paid:

  • On time;
  • The correct amount; and
  • With the minimum hassle.

Continuity of payroll processing is a major concern for many businesses and small accountancy practices.

Payroll Scotland covers the whole of the UK delivering payslips to clients large and small. Our clients range from single director companies to multi-nationals paying 600+ employees in multiple currencies.

Our team currently process payroll in many countries. As a result, we can help you set-up the procedures to guarantee continuity and to outsource salary processing and to make the payments to employees.  If you need help making employee and tax payments and reports to tax authorities, then we are there for you.  Our knowledge covers many different countries as far apart as Greenland and Dubai. Our systems are fully Appendix 5 compliant for those who have double tax offsets.

How we deliver continuity

With offices in the centre of Glasgow, Kilmarnock and Stornoway, Payroll Scotland have a highly skilled and highly proficient team. We strive to help you at every stage of the continuity and outsourcing process. Our systems are automatically backing up across secure high-speed networks every night.  Consequently, we are confident that your data is secure, confidential and available 24-7-365.

We pride ourselves on helping clients to avoid the hassle and pitfalls and by trying to pre-empt – and avoid! – issues that may arise. Because we are always looking ahead at legislative changes we make sure our systems adapt. We keep preparing our clients for whatever changes the Government impose.  Therefore, our driving force is to minimise the impact of increased red-tape on you and your staff.

We’re not just another bureau. Contact us and find that out for yourself.

Payroll continuity services


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