17 April 2017    |    Nicolson, Technology

Cyber Security – keeping your data safe

At Nicolson Accountancy we take our Cyber Security very seriously and it is a key part of our business.

We know your data is precious so that when you send us information we want you to know that we always keep it safe and secure.

Nicolson Accountancy have met the Cyber Security criteriaWe continually invest our time and money in new hardware and software so you know that we secure our servers. As a result, we constantly update our firewalls, routers and anti-virus and anti-spyware software.

As a key element of what we do, we have had external verification of what we do. We were delighted to attain certification for Cyber Essentials. This firstly assessed our physical security; then our practical steps to secure data; and then our philosophy in establishing guidelines for our staff.

You can now be assured that your data is always safe with us. That’s why we are now certified for Cyber Security and Cyber Resilience as well as undergoing a triennial Security audit by BACS.

Going forward with Cyber Security

You can be assured that we don’t rest on our laurels as our Cyber Security is a continual process and never a one-off event. That’s why we will continue to grow and expand our protection to keep us all safe and secure.

For or more information, contact Angus Nicolson.


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