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Sexual discrimation

You really can’t make this stuff up. A male nude model has been awarded more than £10,000 in compensation after taking two counts of sexual discrimination to court and subsequently won both. Andrew Rogers, aged 62 was a life model at Weston College, Somerset for 25 years and was made redundant in 2012.

Mr Rogers joined an agency to look for more work with the accompaniment of a female colleague. Through the agency, Mr Rogers was told of work available at Weston College, the same place where he was made redundant. Mr Rogers duly applied, but he was denied the position while the female
colleague got the job. The life model in question decided to take Weston College to an employment tribunal and subsequently won and he was awarded £6,230 in compensation.

Not willing to give up, Mr Rogers decided to apply for further work with the college when they were advertising a further time. Unfortunately his application was again denied while the same female colleague, who got the job previously, was given the job again.

Exasperated, Mr Rogers took the college to court again and was awarded a further £5,000. There are no loop holes to this case, the employer discriminated against the former employee on the basis of gender, plain and simple and this should act as a word of caution to others.

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