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Self employed Income Support Scheme

Corona virus guidance support has been enhanced by the Government, and there is now a single point of contact for all funding advice.

There is a gateway for all Government support which is the best place to start if you are a business.  The gateway is accessible at https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus/business-support.

The Scottish Government has a corona virus grant section on its website.  Other Scottish funding is linked to from this site, although the conditions for availability may be restricted.  All applications are via your local Council or Enterprise company and specific requirements might vary.  Start by looking on your local Council website, or you can access it from the Scottish Government microsite at https://findbusinesssupport.gov.scot/.

Corona virus and the self-employed

Self employment income support is due to be made available in May and paid in June.  A few are being issued this week.

HMRC will write to you if you qualify.  If you get an email or a text, assume it is a scam.  The letter will invite you to apply via the Government Gateway.  If you do not have a Government Gateway for self-employment, then you need to apply for one immediately.


We believe that the majority of computations will be correct but you should be able to check the computations, using your tax computations stored in IrisOpenSpace.

The computation of your profit is as outlined below.

The Government advise that any grant for March, April and May will be paid in June.  The scheme is planning to operate for three months, but there is the possibility that it may be extended.

To qualify you must meet the following conditions:

The grant has a cap of a maximum of £2,500 per month.

Problems with the grant?

You are not self-employed if you are a director of your own company.  Submitting a Self Assessment tax return also doesn’t mean you automatically qualify either.  Only people who have registered for Class 2 NIC with HMRC will be eligible to claim.

  1. You must treble check all the details for accuracy and completeness
  2. Read the computation correctly.  It is highly unlikely the computations will be wrong
  3. Check the details to your tax computation and tax return
  4. Amend the claim form for the omissions or errors

Writing these letters need rules that have to apply to 5 million tax records; so there will be some anomalies.  We will focus our efforts on those who are wrongly excluded from the scheme; as well as the few where HMRC get it totally wrong.

If you still think the corona virus grant for the self-employed is wrong, then please provide us with the details of why it is wrong, and we will help you with HMRC.


For more information, please reread.

The corona virus grant is for the self-employed


The information provided is for general information purposes only.

Legislation and details may have changed since this was written.  The text may not include all matters that are relevant to your individual situation.

You should not make decisions, or refrain from making decisions, without taking further professional advice about your specific circumstances.

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