19 December 2014    |    Nicolson

SA302 forms from HMRC

Here’s what HMRC are saying about getting approved SA302 forms explained directly from the HMRC website.  This will make life easier for taxpayers and lenders.

Making changes to HMRCs on-line documentation to support loan and mortgage applications (SA302 forms)

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We have been working with the Council of Mortgage Lenders about what documentation self-employed customers can self-serve from HMRC about their income.

You may have noticed that we have made some system changes to improve the Self Assessment on-line account, so that customers can print off the same information as the paper versions. Those documents are the Tax Calculation and the Tax Year Overview.

SA302 forms availbale onlineWhat do these changes mean?

Most Lenders will know about the changes by January 2015. Self-employed customers with a Self Assessment on-line account, seeking to obtain a mortgage or loan may be asked by the Lender to self-serve and provide copies of both as HMRC documentation. During this transition period we will continue to supply paper copies on request. Lenders looking for on-line documents will supply instructions on how to print, while we make arrangements to add instructions to the Self Assessment on-line system.

This means that you or your client can access and print what they need 24/7, without having to contact HMRC to send them a copy.

Make sure you or your clients are registered so that they can access and print their HMRC documentation without delay!

Kind regards

Toni Clark

Head of Digital Agent Engagement

The practice is that we will shortly be able to print SA302 forms for our clients direct from our on-line agent system access with only a couple of blindingly obvious caveats:

At present, only some clients have 2013/14 information available for SA302 forms to be printed and we assume that the rest will appear and the availability of the service will become permanent.  If the client information is not available then the client will still have to phone HMRC on 0300 200 3300 (employees) or 0300 200 3401 (self employed).


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