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Postal strike

HM Revenue and Customs has issued a statement concerning possible disruptions to VAT payments caused by the postal dispute.

In its statement, HMRC said that businesses “must ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to get their VAT Return and any payment to Revenue and Customs on time”.

It continued: “However, VAT Returns and payments that are delayed by postal disputes will be viewed sympathetically.”

On the issue of surcharges for late payments, HMRC said: “There will be no liability to surcharge where the recent postal dispute has been the cause of the delayed payment and you usually pay by cheque.”

HMRC is reminding businesses that VAT returns can be paid electronically using BACS, Direct Credit, CHAPS and Bank Giro. Any businesses wishing to pay this way should contact their banks.

If a return has already been sent through the post along with any payment, businesses are not expected to take a duplicate to their local VAT office, but should wait for the return and payment to be delivered in the normal manner.

Where there is a localised strike or disruption, HMRC said that:“You may, exceptionally, take your VAT Return and payment to your local office. If you do this please ensure that your return and payment are submitted to the local office in the pre-paid envelope which Revenue and Customs has provided with your return. We do not recommend you do this if you wish to lodge a repayment return.”

In the case of repayments, HMRC said that it “will allow affected businesses to fax their repayment returns to VCU”. The fax number is 01702 366839. This facility will be available only until HMRC considers that the need for it has passed. If a business faxes its return, it should not then send in the original.

Businesses experiencing late payments because cheques from customers are delayed in the post “must account for VAT at the normal time”.



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