10 September 2012    |    Uncategorized

PAYE payments not properly allocated?

All too often, HMRC seem unable to match payments correctly against the tax period.

Sometimes it is the fault of the taxpayer by not giving the correct reference, but the inability of HMRC to match a £10,919.27 PAYE overpayment against an identical underpayment for a different year is highly frustrating.

Employers now have another option.

By signing up to the on-line services, employers can activate a “Dashboard” which allows them to see details of all the payments for PAYE and how they have been allocated against various periods and years.

If you need help setting this up, or checking the details, then please contact Angus.

Please note that we cannot see this information, even if we are your registered PAYE agents, as it is simply not available to us.

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