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Nicolson, CA, unveil unique tax investigation insurance scheme

A firm of Stornoway Chartered Accountants has launched the first ever scheme to provide tax investigation insurance to all its clients.

Unveiling the scheme, Angus Nicolson said, “This is an opportunity for clients to obtain very low cost cover against all the fees they might incur in defending a tax, VAT or PAYE investigation up to a maximum of £75,000. We have been looking for such a scheme for a long time, and have already offered it to every client. Today, we are publicising the scheme, and offering new clients the opportunity to cover themselves against one of the most stressful events that can happen to a taxpayer.”

Sue Nicolson added, “After a long hard look at the market, we were able to identify a scheme that allows us to offer a flat rate premium to every client, based not on their turnover, but on the type of taxpayer they are. We have been able to offer this – at less than a fifth of the cost of preparing an average Tax Return – because of the insurers view of the quality, consistency and nature of our operation, and consequently the risks for our clients.

The scheme is only open to clients of the firm. All existing clients have been offered the policy at a special reduced rate, and new clients will pay a standard annual charge of under £50 for individuals, directors and partners and under £150 for limited companies and partnerships.

Said Angus Nicolson, “We continue to offer new and innovate approaches to business advice, whilst never losing sight of our clients’ core needs.”


Further details of the scheme is available on request. The policy does not cover any penalties or underpaid tax arising from an investigation.


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