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3 reasons to get a business current account

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Being your own boss offers the freedom and flexibility to make your own decisions. That includes making informed choices about business current accounts.

Top of your to-do list is deciding if entrepreneur you need to open a business current account. It sounds tricky but if you want to save time, money (and your sanity) the answer should probably be yes.

Here are some reasons why:

1. It’ll ease your HMRC headache

HMRC needs to know how much money your business is making. Keeping things separate to your personal bank account will make completing your quarterly VAT returns, annual tax returns and expenses a breeze.

2. It looks more professional

First impressions are vital in business. You’ll look a lot more credible to clients if they are paying into a dedicated account in your business name.

3. You might be required to by law

If you are operating your business as a limited company (rather than as a sole trader) you are required by law to open an account to keep its finances separate from your personal ones.

How to get a Funding Circle loan

With a simple online form, dedicated account manager and fast decision, you can stay focused on your business while we focus on your loan.

  1. Check if you qualify in 30 seconds.
    See if you’re eligible without affecting your credit score.
  2. Apply online in 10 minutes.
    Tell us about you and your business with our simple form.
  3. Decision in 24 hours.
    If approved, you’ll get a personalised quote typically in 24 hours.
  4. Your funds arrive.
    Once you accept, you’ll have the money in your account in days.

Follow the detailed instructions below to benefit from our link with Funding Circle.

Nicolson Accountancy partner with Funding Circle

Finance for your business

Finance is the life blood of every business and here at Nicolson Accountancy we know that our clients can benefit from our knowledge and our contacts.

We have identified a number of potential funding sources for our clients which we believe meet our clients needs, and which we are happy to recommend to you.

Banking facilities

If you need a current account for your new business or simply are looking for a new bank then we suggest that you speak to Tide.  They are one of the new breed of online only Banks. So that means they may not suit every need. But if you can do almost all your business electronically, then they are for you.

We have partnered with Tide, and if you apply via our link then you will receive priority treatment.

Finance from Funding Circle

We are also working with Funding Circle to source finance for our clients.

Funding Circle can provide funding from £20,000 up to £250,000 for a period of up to five years.  The decision making is very quick, with a target turn response of five days.

The interest rates will be determined when you apply.

If you would like to consider financing your business from this source, then contact us and we will help you make an application.

Before making an application, you will need the following information to support your submission:

When you are ready, contact Angus Nicolson to take this forward.


The information provided is for general information purposes only.

Legislation and details may have changed since this was written.  The text may not include all matters that are relevant to your individual situation.

You should not make decisions, or refrain from making decisions, without taking further professional advice about your specific circumstances.

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