5 July 2015    |    Nicolson

Island Games success

Everyone at Nicolson Accountancy wants to congratulate Donnie MacLeod after his triple success in the 2015 Island Games in Jersey last week.

Donnie MacLeod Island Games

The office Golden Boy

For the third consecutive time, Donnie was representing the Western Isles at the Island Games in the Athletics events and he once again took home a large haul of medals, with 3 of the 19 medals awarded to the Western Isles.

Donnie is a key member of our Glasgow staff, having transferred from our Stornoway office three years ago to allow him to train in both athletics and accountancy at a higher level, and we are very proud to see him achieve yet another success.

By day, many clients will know Donnie as one of our Norwegian tax specialists and/or as the first port of call for contractors, but beneath that quiet, softly spoken exterior is a determined, hard-working, and highly able athlete.  Please feel free to congratulate him on his success!

Donald Macleod 2015 Island Games athletics success

The years of hard training show

Nicolson Accountancy also extend our congratulations to our other clients and to the family of clients who took part in the Island Games – and not just for the Western Isles.  We envy their ability (and their fitness!).


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