5 April 2014    |    Nicolson, Taxation

Electronic tax checklists

From this week, clients will be receiving a personalised electronic tax checklist sent direct to their email address, which will allow clients to upload and send us all the information necessary for the preparation of the 2014 Tax Return.

The process is simple and the taxpayer receives an electronic form into which they can type amendments or provide further information, and as it covers all aspects of their tax affairs, it also acts as a reminder of all the information that requires to be included.

Leading Accountancy Firm introduced tax checklists - ScotlandOn completion, the firm is notified that you have finished the process, and we can download the document and prepare your tax return using the information you have provided.

This service is available to all clients for whom we hold an email address, but paper versions will also be available for those who prefer the old fashioned way.

The service is based around our secure document server, which is already in use for clients to send and receive documents using military grade encryption, and which allows clients to approve documents on-line in a secure environment. The checklist, like other documents such as tax returns, annual accounts, P60 forms etc, will always be available for the client to download or reprint at any time, and it serves as a secure repository for those very important documents.

Once again, Nicolson Accountancy are at the forefront of the use of technology to make life easier for taxpayers. Our track record includes our innovative TaxApp for iPhone and Android, which allows anyone to compute tax payable, check details of allowances and tax thresholds and many other useful tools.


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