22 October 2016    |    Taxation

Companies must check their CT600 online

Moving towards to Making Tax Digital

“Making tax digital” is the latest change to CT600 forms that will affect taxpayers and although it is some distance away HMRC is making major structural changes in preparation. The latest moves, which it announced on 19 September 2016, include withdrawing tax return confirmations for companies.

No more CT600 acknowledgements

After the HMRC announcement they will no longer issue an automatic form to confirm that your company’s CT600 tax return has been successfully received and processed. From now an e-mail will be sent to your company or its authorised agent advising that you should check on your online account for confirmation of receipt and the amounts due.

Submitted but not received

Nicolson Accountancy submit 500 CT600 forms a yearWhen you send your company’s tax return online you will receive a confirmation that it has arrived. Bizarrely, this is not actually confirmation that the CT600 has been successfully submitted by HMRC. Therefore, especially where you send the CT600 close to the filing deadline, you should follow HMRC advice and check your online account over the next few days to be sure that the CT600 has actually been received and processed.

HMRC doesn’t use email, does it?

You will often have seen warnings about phishing – spoof or fraudulent – emails that purport to come from HMRC. These new notifications will tell you to login to your online account.  Never click through any links – instead type the link into your browser and login from there. Yes, the guidance conflicts with the practice they now advice, but that’s their perogative.

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