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Bus Service Operators’ Grant

The completion of these forms is quite straight forward, if you gather together all the necessary paperwork, and plan a bit in advance.

Section 1 require you to split the mileage by the relevant dates advised to you to cover the changes in the rebate rate announced in the budget. The eligible and dead Km’s should be scheduled based upon the actual mileage on the route(s), so that the total can be reconciled back to the individual bus services.

Section 2 requires the full details of the of the total mileage travelled by all the vehicles during the period, along with the total fuel used. This is not just the service miles, and this tends to be the most common single error. The Department of Transport check the consumption rates and changes of more than 1 l/km tend to result in further enquiries.

Section 3 is the analysis of the service and dead kms by route, and must reconcile to Section 1.

Now sign the declaration and send the completed form to us – along with the supporting computations – for checking, signing and submission to the Department of Transport.

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