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Please contact us directly if you need an appointment, as our visits are becoming more frequent, but less predictable!

They can often changed at short notice, as clients may need to see us urgently and a visit is advanced.  There are also occasional urgent visits to meet client requirements which are in additional to the dates below.

Please contact Angus to arrange a meeting, wether it is about a specific issue or just a general chat.

We are now also in Glasgowf that is more convenient for you.

All plans are always subject to change due to the weather!

We like to give as much time as necessary with each client, so if meetings need more time, then we try to give as long as necessary. Sometimes that means meetings overrun, and sometimes we have to fit meetings around tides and other committments. We'll give you the time you want and need, if you understand that timing might have to be flexibile.