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VAT REFUNDS ON house self build schemes

If you are building your own house, then you can reclaim the VAT on most (but not all) of the building and fitting costs.

Nicolson Accountancy specialise in working with those who build their own houses to help make sure that every eligible cost is claimed, and that the claim is lodged quickly and efficiently to give a speedy refund to the homeowners.

You have only three months from the date of the completion certificate to submit your claim.

Three months might seem like a long time, but with moving into a new house it goes very quickly.

Nicolson Accountancy need the following:

  • A copy of the final plans
  • The original planning permission with all the conditions - even the standard ones
  • A copy of the completion certificate
  • All the invoices for the building work, fitting, furnishings and services provided

Nicolson Accountancy will do the rest for you, but please bring in the information as early as possible to allow us to draft and submit the claim in plenty of time.