Nicolson Accountancy

Nicolson Accountancy, Accountants of choice

The portal allows the secure transfer and storage of client confidential information. If you want to use this facility - for example - to send us software back-ups, then please contact Angus, who will create a private zone for you and send you instructions. If you have forgotten how to log in, then please find the log in details here.

There is no limit on the size of the files that you can send to us through this portal.

Logging in

DocLanding provide an open access facility for our clients. This is 100% secure and has multi-layer password protection.

We create a new POINT, which is actually a folder in our private directory. We invite you by email to share the POINT.

If you accept, then you create your secure login and your own directory, and then also have access to the folder in our directory.

You are completely free to use your own directory at no cost for your own purposes. You can share this freely with anyone you want. Please note that we have no access to your directory, unless you deliberately invite us.

Subject to the correct permissions, you can upload, download, edit or delete files in directory we have shared. You may also be able to create sub-folders, and move and reorganise the files.

To download a file, just click on it and select "Download".

To upload, click "Upload", then "Add" and then browse to select the files. When you have selected all the files you want to upload, then click on "Upload Files" and you will see them upload.

You may want to notify the recipient that the files are now available.