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Many companies have accounting software that defines how the business operates.

The software should work for the business, and not the other way around.

We have worked with many companies to make sure that their computers are tools of the business and that the information produced is of benefit to the management and help the company to understand where it is; where it was; and how it can get to where it wants to go.

We are specialists in Sage, Quickbooks, Tas and MYOB and can help clients to maximise the information flow in their business by training them to understand and utilise the information that is at their fingertips.

Unlike many other accountants, we ensure that the accounting systems are up to date immediately that the accounts are completed so that the information is current and accurate. But this only really works if the accountants are involved promptly after the year end, and we like to get in and prepare the accounts as soon after the year-end as is practical.

Whatever format you store the accounting records, we can receive the information and process it quickly to reduce your costs and maximise the information flow. We currently receive accounting information in excel format from one client, and have an automated process to produce pivot tables to analyse the data.

If your accountants cannot help you to extract relevant information from your accounting system, then call on us to show you quickly and easily how to do it.